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Forced Order
definitionvocab wordpart of speech
to put under a spell; to bewitch; to hold motionless; to charm or captivatev
fleeing from danger, justice, and so on; fleetingadj
foreign; strangeadj
to enter as an enemy; to intrude inv
a country, person, or group joined for a common purpose; a plant, animal, or thing related to another; a helpern
the inevitable order of events; faten
of stars; superior; leadingadj
a being who will die, especially a humann
distorted; bizarre; absurdadj
causing argument; debatableadj
giving light; glowing in the dark; easily understoodadj
not concrete; theoreticaladj
a way of using skills to achieve a task; a technical skill; a way of doing somethingn
certain to die eventually; causing death; very intenseadj
a planet, moon, or artificial object that orbits a planet; a dependent person, company, or staten
a person who flees or has fled; a fleeting thingn
a movement of part of the body to express something; something said or done as a formality onlyn
undisturbed; calm; serene; quietadj
a separate system of stars; group of well-known peoplen
definitionvocab wordpart of speech
happening at the end of, or as a result of, a series of events; ultimate; finaladj
a hideous or fantastic thing or qualityn
horrid; ghostlike; very unpleasantadj
to unite persons or groupsv
out-of-date; no longer usedadj
possessing the best qualities of human beings; kind; sympatheticadj
to summarize; to write an abstractv
lower in importance, rank, order, or statusadj
a summary; nonrepresentational schools of contemporary artn
nothing more or other than; onlyadj
referring to a planet or planets; global; wandering; moving in an orbitadj
having to do with official relationships between countries or governments; tactfuladj
a foreigner; a being from outer spacen
rapidity of motion; rate of speedn
openly and boldly resistingadj
to turn away; to keep from happeningv
so untrue or unreasonable as to be ridiculousadj
an offer; a show of willingness to deal; an introduction to an opera or other long musical work; any introductory sectionn
to express an idea or emotion with movementv

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