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definitiontermextra information
the physical and/or emotional feeling of a setting
[ S / V ] . C [ S / V ]
a group of characters struggles against another group.
( )
a struggle that takes place within the mind of a character against a specific thing
the time and place of a story's action; also includes environment, customs/traditions, values/beliefs
the teller of a story
[ S / V ] , ( X )
includes period, passage, and perception
[ S / V ] , conj. [ S / V ]
the sequence of events in a story; A causes B causes C, etc.
( S )
the rules that people follow, expect, carry on
one character struggles against another character.
one or more characters struggle against the forces of nature
[ S / V ] ; [ S / V ]
a narrator who knows everything about the events in a story and reveals the thoughts and motivations of the characters
a character struggles against technology or a machine that is supposed to help/offer advancement in life and lifestyle
definitiontermextra information
may be general or specific, may change/move, may be immediate/surrounding
[ S / V ] [ S / V ]
the universal, overarching idea in a literary work; able to be connected to other texts, the world, and the readers' own experiences
a narrator who is a character in the story, referred to as 'I'
a struggle that takes place between a character and an outside force, such as another character, a group, nature, society, technology, the supernatural, or fate
the main character; the individual the story follows
a character struggles against a group, meaning two or more people who are working together or hold the same ideals
a character struggles with the expectations, rules, and/or conventions of his or her culture, government, traditions, etc.
a character struggles against an unseen or unknown force.
a character or force that opposes or is in conflict with the main character
( X ) , [ S / V ]
a struggle that takes place within the mind of a character; a situation in which the individual is torn between opposing feelings or between different courses of action
( V )
[ S / V ]
[ S / V ] , [ S / V ]
what is seen as important/unimportant, right/wrong, good/bad
( S / V )

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