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definitionvocab wordpart of speech
morally unrestrainedadj
uninterested; listlessadj
a large, elaborate structure; an imposing buildingn
dreamily thoughtfuladj
to besiege by encircling (as with an army); to harassv
to force oneself into a situation uninvitedv
to eat or swallow greedilyv
one having a fanatical devotion to a country, gender, or religion, with contempt for other countries, the opposite sex, or other beliefsn
no longer used or useful; very oldadj
in high spirits; exultantly proud and joyfuladj
pertaining to or constituting a major crimeadj
to sharpenv
to combinev
to turn away feelings or affectionsv
definitionvocab wordpart of speech
mentally ill; insaneadj
an exaggerated portrayal of one’s featuresn
marked by a conspicuous, showy, or pretentious displayadj
believing that all events in life are inevitable and determined by fateadj
equally skillful with either handadj
a witty saying expressing a single thought or observationn
in a state of violent or destructive rageadj
a coin collectorn
to work dough or clay into a uniform mixturev
to mislead; to foolv
promoting equal rights for all peopleadj
a scarcity, lackn
to give life or motion tov
to waste time; to dawdlev
a narcotic used to cause sleep or bring relief from painn

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