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during the cold war what was the main concern of the U.S
what are two rights in the declaration of independance
name one branch of the u.s government
what are two parts of the u.s congress
who was the first U.S president
what does the judicial branch do
wwe elect a U.S represenative for how many years
how old do citizens have to be to vote for president
what is the name of the movement to end the racial discrimination in america
who is the commander and chief of the military
name the U.S war between the North and South
what is the politcal party of the 2011 president
what do we call the first 10 amendments
who is one of CT U.S senators now (2011)
who was president during the great depression
how many amendments does the constitution have
Who is the chief justice of the U.S 2011
what are 2 rights of everyone living in the U.S
what are the 2 major political parties in the U.S
Who is the governor of CT in 2011
if the president can no longer serve who becomes president
what is the economic system of the U.S
what is an amendment
name CT u.s represenative
who vetoes bills
How many justices are on the Supremem Court
What are the first three words of the Constitution that stand for self-government?
what stops one branch from becoming to powerful
if the president and vice president can no longer serve who becomes president
what is the highest court in the U.S
the house of reps. has how many voting members
we elect a president for how many years
how many U.S senators
name three countries the U.S fought during World War 2
what is the name of the vice president now (2011)
what does the presidents cabinet do?
who is the 2011 president
who was the president that was first a general in WWII
who is in charge of the executive branch
what are 2 rights of everyone living in the U.S
what was one way that americans can participate in their democary
why do some states have more representative than others?
when must all men register for the selective service
we elect a U.S senator for how many years
What is one right or freedom from the first amendment?

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