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Forced Order
DefinitionRoot or Term
associating with others; enjoying companionship
to go beyond expectations
an instrument used to make distant items appear larger and closer
to separate from the crowd; set apart
distant; over a distance
an imaginary way of traveling through space instantaneously
arranged in time order
constant, never ending
half, middle
the story of one's life
to burn
capable of burning or eating away
hostile; ready to fight
to work from a remote location using technology
DefinitionRoot or Term
do or happen at the same time
one who comes between opposing parties
inclined to start war
to gather together
herd, flock, mob
to go before
lating for a long time
occuring or situatie between two points or places; in between
the middle or midpoint
go, yield
total devastation, especially by fire
to burn with a hot instrument
independent; able to make decisions by oneself
organized resistance to authority

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