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the art of public speaking
a speech sound
any of the four quarters into which something is divided
roots meaning turn
roots meaning love; friend
the highest degree or status; describing the highest degree or status
instrument for viewing things not in direct sight
to replace or set aside in favor of something new or better
loud, deep or rich in sound
root meaning three; third; happening once out of every three
a three part muscle
a large, four-part muscle in front of the thigh
roots meaning see; look; examine; observe
using sound waves to detect objects
exciting to see
roots meaning speak
a variation of an original
roots meaning higher in quality or quantity; too much, excessive
an athletic contest made up of three events
to think or wonder about
being turned toward the inside
the love of wisdom
root meaning sound
one affected with paralysis of both arms and both legs
excessive talking or wordiness
the love of words
a long term dispute or disagreement due to conflicting opinions
speaking beautifully and forcefully
showing concern for humanity, especially by performing charitable acts
a term or period of three months
roots meaning four

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