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The comparison of two unlike things using like or as
The main character of the story, who has a goal and undergoes a change
The character who conflicts with the protagonist and his/her goal
When a narrator is not all knowing
The aftermath of/events that follow the climax
Giving non-humans human qualities
The turning point of the story; highest point of tension
When one of the characters tells his/her own story
The author's use of language to evoke 1 or more of the 5 senses
When a character is in a conflict with another character, a group of people or outside forces
The comparison of two unlike things
When a narrator is all knowing
The time and place of a story
When someone outside of the story narrates
The main action of the story during which various problems arise with increasing drama
Character v. Self is the designation of which conflict
Character v. Character, Character v. Society, Character v. Nature/Fate are designations of which conflict type?
The message the author intends to express, which is often a universal concept
When a character has a problem with him/herself
Word choice
The part of the story that has background information, introduces character & setting
When the unexpected occurs rather than what is expected; when things are not as they appear to be
The end of the story during which the conflict is resolved
The feeling a reader gets from the author's tone, characters, conflict

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