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1 January - the Velvet Divorce is the nickname created for the disolution of this Country on this day.
20 January - This President succeeds George H.W.Bush as President of the United States of America
31 January - This team becomes the first to lose 3 consecutive Superbowls
17 February - A Ferry in this island country sinks killing 1215 people.
22 February - The UN Security Council votes to create a tribunal to prosecute violations on international law in this European country.
26 February - A bomb planted in a van is parked in front of this New York City Landmark Financial Center
12 March - Several bombs explode in this Indian city, killing 257 people.
19 April - A standoff with this group, ends with a fire that kills 76 people
28 May - These Two countries gain entry to the United Nations
1 June - Protests in Belgrade against this Prime Minister errupt.
20 June - A 7.5 earthquake hits this country killing 385 people.
27 July - the first Version of this operating System is released by Microsoft to Manufacturing
21 August - Nasa loses radio contact with this spacecraft
6 September - This Canadian software specialist publishes an article 'Doomsday 2000'in this U.S. Weekly magazine, which is the first known publicized reference to Y2K
17 September - Russia withdraws their troops from this European Country
3 October - A large battle ensues between American troops and local militia, in what country?
21 October - A Coup in Burundi kills this President, and begins the Burundi Civil War
1 November - the Maastricht Treaty takes effect, formally establishing this international group
2 December - This space shuttle is launched to effect repairs to the Hubble space telesscope
20 December - the UN General Assembly votes unanimously to appoint a UN High Comissioner for ________.

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