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T or F: Jim Moorison died before 30
T or F: Guns n Roses originally sang ''Knocking on Heaven's Door)
T or F: All members of ZZ Top have a beard
T or F: Lynard Skynard performed at Woodstock
T or F: Jimi Hendrix played guitar right handed
T or F: Pearl Jam outsells Alice in chains
T or F:Eddie Van Halen plays the solo on Michael Jackson song ''Beat It''
T or F: Eric Clapton was inducted into the Rock n Roll HOF 3 times
T or F: The legendary Bruce Dickinson was the original singer for Iron Maiden
T or F: Angus Young has been in ACDC longer than Brian Johnson
T or F: Axl Rose is the only member of Guns n Roses left from the illusion era
QuestionT or F
T or F: Avenged Sevenfold has an multi platinum album
T or F: David Lee Roth and Steve Vai played together at one point
T or F: 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' was written as a tribute to Elvis
T or F: The Beatles formed before the Rolling Stones
T or F: Gene Simmons has always played vocals and lead guitar for KISS
T or F: Screaming for Vengence was released before British Steel
T or F: Keith Richards smoked his dad's ashes
T or F: Achilies Last Stand is an Led Zeppelin song
T or F: Kirk Hammett has always been lead guitarist for Metallica
T or F: Elvis once won an Elvis impersonation contest

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