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The leader of Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Goddess of Love
Pictograms of Ancient Egyptians
Egyptian God of the Underworld
A means of exchange using a token of predetermined value
Local Governors of the Persian Empire
Contract between you and God
Kingdom set up in the Middle united by beliefs, family and community
Guide book with spells and warnings to enter the afterlife
A means of exchanging goods and services for other goods and services
land Between 2 rivers
Conqueror from Persia
Account of an Egpytian in Assyria
A political unit of several different peoples
Founder of Israel
The Wedged-shaped writing system
The Morals of the group
Accepting and working with differences among varied peoples
Culture that created glass, purple dye and Colonies
Temple of Sumerian and Babylonians
A group of people living together sharing customs and ideas
It includes: Cities, Public works, Writing and Centralized Government
Law dealing with private affairs like business
The spreading of a people is called:
Law Dealing with offenses against people
The warring tribes/kingdoms of Israel were united by:
A group of area controlled by people from another regions
Egyptian Sun God
Imhotep was one
First Written Legal Code
a system of ranks
Belief in one god
A political unit including an urban Center and surrounding farms

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