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Allergic to bugs
Man from the 1880s
Don't give Abby an excuse to shoot her
Worked for Helen
Investigated conspiracies
Killed by Parasite
Head of Security for Christine
Almost committed to Bedlam
Rex's original owner
Second Military Assistance
Brilliant Scientist
From the future
Wants revenge for his lover's death
Runs the ARC
Replaced Lester for a spell
Wouldn't kiss Connor
First Military Assistance
Worked at the British Museum
Engaged Animal Lover
Tried to sell Rex
Missing, assumed dead
Investigated the anomalies for the Home Office
Helen's alias
Ethan's love
Join his son in the past
Jenny's unknowing husband
Sent on missions by Eve (Primeval Evolved)
Resigned and got married
Kept a pet Smilodon
Thought to have died in the old house

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