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Can you name the find the words hidden in the countries indicated by the clue?

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Can you find...WordCountry
discomfort in the home of Pablo Picasso?
what Tom Daley does in the country with the lowest highest point (2m)?
a spice in Skopje's country?
bad weather in the largest country wholly within Europe?
a metal in the home of Diego Maradona?
a number in the country whose name means 'black mountain' in Italian?
bad weather in the country formerly known as Siam?
a solution in a country that straddles Europe and Asia?
an emotion in the home of the famous Lipizzaner horses?
paradise in the home of Abba?
Can you find...WordCountry
a sail in the country with the lowest point in Africa?
a weight in the first ex-Soviet Union country to get the Euro?
a shed in the last country on Earth to get television?
a car manufacturer in the country of birth of the prophet Mohammed?
a Greek god in the Land of the Rising Sun?
a microbe in Europe's richest economy?
a bird in the setting of the 'No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency'?
a rule in the former Nyasaland?
a body part in the world's largest country by population?
a tree in the biggest Catholic country in Asia?

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