The Smiths (in a Parallel Universe)

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Can you name the songs of The Smiths which might go under the given titles in a parallel universe?

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Didsbury Dandies
Cheery Truth
Culture Stops Outdoors
Bruce, Curtsey
Water Wings
There Is A Sound That Is Constantly Interrupted
Write A Highbrow Novel
Foot In Shoe
Always Had Someone Constantly
How Near Is Here?
Boy Fearless
Stabilize Calmly
Kate, It Was Really Something
Long Live the King
Somewhere Slow
Veg Is Vivification
That Repugnant Woman
You Expose Yours
Hell Doesn't Know You'll Be Happy One Day
Birth At One's Knee
Shun Large Adults
You Finished Everything You Were Able to Start
Sour And Tough Philanthropist
Twice The Animal
Boyfriend In A Waking State
Reject Me
Life Of A Metalhead
Insincerely, Mrs Brearley
You Owe Me Something
Brecht's Brother
Ugly God
What He Thought
Nun In A Rugby Kit
Curl Up And Be Impatient
Dreadful Man

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