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Can you correctly spell these tricky words, as per the given definition?

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1) Needed; essential [NE______RY]
2) Vanish [D______EAR]
3) Think; have faith in [B______VE]
4) Aware; awake [CON_____US]
5) Certainly; without doubt [DEF______Y]
6) Make ashamed [EMB_______S]
7) Comical [HU______S]
8) Approve [REC_______D]
9) Belonging to them [T___R]
10) Straight away; suddenly [IM_____TELY]
11) Disconnected; unattached [SEP____E]
12) Contact information [AD____S]
13) Autonomous; free [IND____T]
14) Understanding [COM_____N]
15) Dispute [AR____NT]
16) Start; commencement [BE____ING]
17) String of words [SEN____E]
18) Intriguing; fascinating [INT____G]
19) Trade; 'None of your ___!' [BU_____SS]
20) Overemphasised [EX_____ATED]

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