Six-Letter Country Anagram Mini Word Ladders

Random Geography or word ladder Quiz

Can you name the 6-Letter countries whose names can be formed by adding or removing a letter from the defined words?

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5-letter wordCountry7-letter word
Salt waterElected champion of the people (in Ancient Rome)
Female friend (in Spanish)Postman's sack
Group of African languages inc SwahiliExposure of the body to gain a tan
Wants; desires; requirementsLacking stitching
Inert gas, atomic number 86Postpone; suspend
Over the length ofComparison; inferred similarity
First sign of the Zodiac; The RamSimmered
Wading bird; hoist; derrickMore decorative; admirer
Sketched; pulled; tiedAlerted
Expect; attendOpposed to military hostility
CorridorStuffy; stifling; lacking oxygen

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