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Can you name the authors whose surnames can be made from chemical element symbols?

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ElementsAuthorFull name; example of a published work
Thorium Oxygen Rhenium Gold
Gold Sulfur Tellurium Nitrogen
Rhodium Yttrium Sulfur
Sulfur Oxygen Phosphorus Holmium Chlorine Einsteinium
Lanthanum Tungsten Rhenium Nitrogen Cerium
Hydrogen Einsteinium Selenium
Iodine Boron Selenium Nitrogen
Phosphorus Uranium Sulfur Hydrogen Potassium Indium
Arsenic Iodine Molybdenum Vanadium
Carbon Hydrogen Gold Carbon Erbium
Lanthanum Chlorine Osmium
Potassium Erbium Oxygen Uranium Actinium
Holmium Boron Beryllium Sulfur
Carbon Helium Potassium Holmium Vanadium
Hydrogen Argon Dysprosium
ElementsAuthorFull name; example of a published work
Boron Oxygen Roentgenium Einsteinium
Radium Beryllium Lanthanum Iodine Sulfur
Bromine Oxygen Nitrogen Tellurium
Fluorine Oxygen
Tellurium Nitrogen Nitrogen Yttrium Sulfur Oxygen Nitrogen
Phosphorus Oxygen Uranium Neodymium
Protactinium Lanthanum Hydrogen Nitrogen Iodine Uranium Potassium
Tungsten Aluminium Potassium Erbium
Helium Iodine Neon
Bromine Oxygen Tungsten Nitrogen
Phosphorus Lanthanum Thorium
Boron Uranium Potassium Oxygen Tungsten Sulfur Potassium Iodine
Radium Carbon Iodine Neon
Sulfur Tellurium Indium
Sodium Boron Oxygen Potassium Oxygen Vanadium

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