If They Were Famous 2

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Can you name the name that links the two halves of the imaginary celebrities?

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Imaginary CelebrityLinking NameHint
Woody GinsbergPoetic director?
Ulysses S HillBasketball president?
James A SobersCricketing president?
Percy Bysshe Winters'Poseidon Adventure' poet?
Hannah CyrusSwimming popstar?
Mona SimpsonCartoon masterpiece?
Peter Paul BarrichelloFormula 1 Old Master?
Alyson BaumgartnerSprinting skydiver?
Thierry FordFootballing industrialist?
Janet Bowery'Psycho' performance artist?
Dawn LeeAthletic author?
Michael KnightNew Basketballer on the Block?
Arundhati OrbisonSinging novelist?
Sasha FlemingScientific actress?
Gene OsbourneDancing daughter?
Sugar Ray CohenBoxing musician?
Tom ThompsonDiving decathlete?
Hattie Chirac'Carry On' Président?
John CloseFatally attractive astronaut?
Cathy QuaidActing musician?
Daisy EllingtonJazz leader of Hazzard?
Rob StraussCricketing rugby player?
Dick Chapman'Fast Car' detective?
Jennifer Limbaugh'Power of Love' conservative?
Jamie Lee Mayfield'Halloween' soul singer?
Imaginary CelebrityLinking NameHint
Chester A MillerPresidential playwright?
Yohan EdwardsSprint director?
Michael Wilson'Tenenbaums' footballer?
William GableExploring Butler?
Jamie HardyCooking comedy partner?
Aretha D RooseveltSoul president?
Joan Cuomo'Weezer' comedienne?
Fletcher BaleMutinous 'American Psycho'?
Frank TonioliDancing boxer?
Tony Waldorf'Gossip Girl' Prime Minister?
Field Marshal Bernard Law BurnsBillionaire of El Alamein?
Meriwether CarrollExplorer in Wonderland?
David Lloyd WashingtonPresidential Prime Minister?
Toni Fawlty'Hey Mickey' hotelier?
Sir Philip Poitier'Lilies of the Field' poet?
Private DisraeliPrime Minister Goldie?
Charlton Blumenthal'Ben Hur' chef?
T S NessPoet detective?
Ernest B HayesPresident of Nuclear Physics?
'Stone Cold' Steve PowersSpy wrestler?
William SmallCricketing prime minister?
Buddy Hunter'Piano' rock n' roller?
Bette Love III'Baby Jane' golfer?
Martin Luther GilletteCivil rights inventor?
John GretzkyIce hockey cowboy?

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