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Can you name the three capital cities hidden in each of these conundrums?

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ConundrumCities (in order)Answer Key
Urban guide offers tour of conglomerate that Bridget owned.
Let a pianist play a rendition of tune to be decibel graded.
Bertha rarely broadcast an advert for lucky ivory charms.
As a human I labour diligently until I call on donors for aid.
Opportunistic bonobo got amorous with amoeba then slept soundly.
Strange enigma put ostrich and emus categorically at a disadvantage with calculus a kangaroo came up with.
The lilac cravat and turban Juliet wore took a bully by surprise.
On hearing gunshot I ran away from the tall innkeeper who did a karaoke turn.
Beneath his airstrip, oligarch will entomb a baneful brigadier.
Detectives quiz a grebe after moorhen couldn't eat a raw abalone and lack of vitamins killed it.
Bunnykins has asked that Mabel mop and polish the floor using rubber, linen and water.
Barometer enables gauchos loftily perched to acclimatise.
Send draughtsman a magazine filled with prose authorised to make apt comparisons.
We will dine on ricotta washed down with bananas, sausages, jam or onions.
Supremo scowled at prayer evangelically recited during sermon a conservative made.
Madam managed to give vicar a case of flu and angina.

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