Five-Letter Country Anagram Mini-Ladders

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Can you name the countries that can be formed from anagrams, plus or minus a letter in the clue words?

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Four-Letter Word (definition)Five-Letter CountrySix-Letter Word (definition)
Part of the wicket in cricket Feasibly; being capable of living (adv.)
Rear appendageLong or tedious speech; incantation
RotateFrets; sudden terrors
Small, biting flySweet delicacy of S. France
Fictional drug from Huxley's 'Brave New World'Indian pastry
2.54 cmSeries of links (pl.)
Tug; American (slang)Conniving
Light; delicate; breezyCurrency of Qatar, S Arabia and Yemen (pl.)
Four-Letter Word (definition)Five-Letter CountrySix-Letter Word (definition)
CircleEdge; decorative border
JumpSolar system body
Organs of sight (old plural)Royal servants; medieval farmers
Turkish lordAeroplane shed
Cats supposedly have this many livesScrapped
Crawling bugs, often parasiticChipping tool
Beach materialDay of rest

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