Amontillado, anyone? (Odds & Evens Word Ladder)

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Can you name the 6 letter words that can be created by alternately changing the odd and even letters?

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Fortified wine named for Jerez, Spain
Square root of 900
Sad, mournful (orig. French)
Brightly-coloured marine fish
Anything that; (usually suffixed with -ever)
Socially isolated enclave within a city
Renowned figures; Oxford classics course
Tests; court cases
Sparsely; narrowly
Less rich
Intense dislike; film genre
Woman of easy virtue
Cargo platform; hard wooden bed
Heartbeats; lentils etc.
Barium sulfate mineral
Of or relating to chemical salts
Cut in two
Tooth decay
Outer covering of the eyeball
Herzegovina's partner
Middle (US spelling)
Film festival town
Finnish steam baths
Post-Impressionist & pioneer of pointillism
European polecat
Counterfeits; forms in metal
Afro-Cuban drums
Foot deformity
Large, Asian, strong-smelling fruit
Of the back (adj.)
Lymphoid gland of the throat
Roger Federer's sport
Living things; existences
Crossing structure; card game
Cliff Robertson's 1968 Oscar-winning role
Treat yourself to another glass of [RUNG 1]!

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