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Sample SentenceVocabulary Builder
The hurricane's __ (relentless) winds destroyed the town.
The students' __ (eager enthusiasm) for the topic ensured he spent extra time on the project.
Ashley's __ (tending to delay) habits annoyed her punctual mother.
Singing a __ (sweet and smooth-sounding) lullaby soothed the crying baby.
His words were __ (equivalent in force or effect) to treason.
Defying his parents meant the teen was labelled as __ (resistant to authority).
The woman's __ (a dilemma) left her miserable.
The coach's __ (unoriginal statements) did not inspire the athletes.
Icing her sprained ankle helped __ (to lessen in severity) the swelling.
Bill Gates has a reputation for being __ (generous with money).
Sample SentenceVocabulary Builder
The patient hoped the doctor would __ (to speak about in great detail) on the diagnosis.
The __ (public humiliation) of being 'pantsed' haunted the boy.
Neighbors were frustrated by the family's __ (rowdy; harsh-sounding) parties.
The foul odor proved a __ (anything that spoils) to her party.
No one laughed at the __ (silly; void of intelligence) joke.
Rude behavior was an __ (something abnormal) for the man.
The poem was __ (completely filled) with imagery.
'The Gettysburg Address' was __ (pacifying) in tone.
Their __ (secretive) meetings raised suspicion.
I could not tell the twins apart unless they were in __ (side by side placement).

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