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Forced Order
are made up of tissues which work together to perform a specific function. For example: heart, lungs…
The study of genes
The process of creating identical cells
Characteristics passed on from parent to child
A physical appearance as a result of your genes
The entire set of genes in an organism
Different parts of the cell that have specialized functions
Groups of similar cellss
The fundamental unit that enables physical and functional characteristics to get passed from parent to child
The center of the cell, the ‘brain’ of the cell
The gene or allele that is expressed (seen) in an organism’s genotype. The dominant trait masks the recessive trait
Ribonucleic acid that plays a role in translating information from DNA to protein-forming systems in the cell.
To receded means to go back, so this is a trait that has gone back (masked) and is not expressed in the organism’s genotype.
Pictorial family trees where individuals showing a particular trait are marked.
A notable feature or quality of a person
Jelly-like fluid in the cell.
A coiled thread-like structure that contains the DNA
Abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid: The nucleic acid that contains the genetic information for cell growth, division, and function
The double layered membrane surrounding the nucleus of a cell. It separates the cytoplasm from the nucleoplasm
The process of changing form or quality

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