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This trait is not expressed in the organism’s phenotype even if it is present (unless is homozygous)
How many chromosomes do humans have?
The study of inherited traits
When two different alleles are present
Short name for deoxyribonucleic acid
Hereditary unit that controls a particular characteristic or trait
The nucleic acid that contains the genetic information for cell growth, division, and function
Gender that a square represents on a pedigree
When chromosmes get pulled all the way to the poles and you start to see two cells.
Are the building blocks of life. Every living thing is made up of one or more
A tool that shows the combinations of alleles
When you can see the chromosomes (the string has condensed and become thick enough to see)
Father of genetics (the guy in in the pea garden)
Characteristics of the way one acts. A sheepdogs herding instinct and a retrievers desire to fetch are good examples
Gender that a circle represents on a pedigree
Genes are located on structures called
Dividing of the chromosomes (including the DNA)
Spindle fibers move chromosomes to middle of the cell
Different parts of the cell that have specialized functions
The pair of genes you are carrying is called your
Different forms (versions) of the same gene are called
Type of trait that you show (is expressed like eye color)
Characteristics of one’s physical makeup. These include hair colour, eye colour and height
The center of the cell, the ‘brain’ of the cell
The process of cell divsion which results in the production of two daughter cells from a single parent cell.
Characteristic of a person or organism eg. eye colour
Pictorial family trees where individuals showing a particular trait are marked.
Actual division of the cells
People with two of the same allele for a trait
A coiled thread-like structure that contains the DNA
The gene or allele that is expressed (seen) in an organism’s genotype. This trait masks the recessive trait

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