A2 Magnetism

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a clue for youcan you tell what it is yet?cryptic ?!?!?!
You may get a drink from this type of magnetStraight, flat magnet
equestrians find these on their feetCurvy like a gg
F's L H R thumb is force
A magnet that can be turned on and offused to sort drinks cans
Spins but only flowing one waycapital of America Washington ___
This type of probe is by a man who is a household nameall the electrons go to one side
e d t -> sub atomic particle, being forced to move, in a clinderalso known as a cathode ray tube
not a synchrotronparticles get faster between the Dees
It seperates out the particlesthey must come through at the same velocity
It changes energy into electricitywires and a magnet

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