Pixar Antagonist by Comeuppance

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Can you name the Pixar Antagonist by Comeuppance?

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Trapped by cars.
Sucked into a jet turbine.
Stuck in the cone of shame.
Trapped in the human world.
Plummets off the blimp.
Scared into playing nice.
Booed by the fans.
Commerical humiliation.
Killed by a falling tree.
Forced to deactivate his own bomb.
All the fish escape.
Strapped to the front of a garbage truck.
Tied up and tossed in the storage room.
Arrested by the CDA.
Realizes that a great chef can come from anywhere.
Relieved of duty.
Eaten by a bird.
Smacked on the head by Gill.
Given to an 'artist.'

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