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Can you name the First and Last items that correspond to the clues given?

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Elements by atomic number~~~
Planets (distance from the sun)~~~
Human Vertebral Colomn Sectors (distance from head)~~~
Michael Jackson's Albums (solo)~~~
Number 1 UK Chart (2000s)~~~
Spice Girls (alphabetically, by nickname)~~~
Champions League Winners~~~
NFL Teams (alphabetically, by location)~~~
Summer Olympic Games Host City~~~
Greek alphabet~~~
Properties on a Monopoly Board (UK)~~~
Words in the Bible (NIV)~~~
Numbers 1-10 (alphabetically)~~~
Episodes from FRIENDS~~~
Leading Actor Oscar Winners~~~
UK Freeview Channels~~~
~~~Elements by atomic number
~~~Planets (distance from the sun)
~~~Human Vertebral Colomn Sectors (distance from head)
~~~Michael Jackson's Albums (solo)
~~~Number 1 UK Chart (2000s)
~~~Spice Girls (alphabetically, by nickname)
~~~Champions League Winners
~~~NFL Teams (alphabetically, by location)
~~~Summer Olympic Games Host City
~~~Greek alphabet
~~~Properties on a Monopoly Board (UK)
~~~Words in the Bible (NIV)
~~~Numbers 1-10 (alphabetically)
~~~Episodes from FRIENDS
~~~Leading Actor Oscar Winners
~~~UK Freeview Channels

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