Which 2 of the Big 4 US Sports...?

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Can you name the two of the big 4 US sport leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL) that correspond with the questions?

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Which two Leagues...LeaguesRelevent Info
Require helmets to be worn by all players at all times?
Have only one Canadian city team?
Are played on a green field?
Playing time are divided by quarters?
Can a team earn points getting a field goal?
Do players handle a spherical ball?
Have a countdown when a team has ball possession?
Do teams regularly play an 82 game season?
Do players were a unique 'glove' for the purpose of catching?
Have teams that formally play in Anaheim California?
Do teams have their own cheerleader squads?
Can a single player get a chance to score points due to an infraction?
Can teams earn points ONLY in increments of one?
Can teams have more than six players in play at one time?
Are aggressive bodily contact legal to a certain extent?
Have playing areas that are perfect rectangles?
Do game officials (referees) wear any kind of protective gear?
Have a rule about being offside?
Do the officials (referees) traditionally NOT wear striped shirts?
Have a team named the 'Jets'?

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