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Quote:Missing Words:Character:
They've done studies, you know. ___ __ ___ ____, it works every time.Brian Fantana
And we will tour the countryside and you _____ __ _______.Ron Burgundy
I don't know ____ _____ _______ _____!Brick Tamland
We are through. Through! Because of your actions, you ________ _____!Ron Burgundy
Jazz flute is for ______ _____ ____ . Veronica Corningstone
What do you say if we go out on a date? Have some chicken, _____ ____ ___... You know, see what happensChamp Kind
You're a real hooker. I'm gonna ____ ___ __ ______.Ron Burgundy
I would like to extend to you an invitation to ___ _____ _____.Brick Tamland
Oh, uh, it's the pleats... the pleats in the pants. It's __ _______ ________. I was just about to take them back... to the pants store. Ron Burgundy
Ohh, it's the deep burn. Oh, ____ __ ____. Oh, I can barely lift my right arm 'cause I did so many.Ron Burgundy

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