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people from Central Anatolia with wealth based on metals and military in the Late Bronze Age
groups within the caste system that had their own occupations, duties and rituals
dispersal of communities of an ethnic group living outside their homeland
social class of hereditary and usually unchangeable status
a heavily armored Greek infantryman
belief system based on maintaining five relationships
highest social class of India which consisted of priests and scholars
Indian tradition that deeds performed in past and present determines what will happen in the next life cycle
class of religious experts who conducted rituals among some ancient Celts
founder of the Achaemenid Persian Empire
an Athenian alliance meant to liberate the Greek city-states
peoples sharing a common language and culture who originated in Central Europe; modern descendants live in Western Europe
conduit that uses gravity in order to carry water to a place
fine, light silt deposited by wind and water
first major urban civilization of South America
Chinese belief system which stressed sacrifice of personal freedom for the good of the state
group who created city-states in modern day Italy; probable founders of city of Rome
Chinese class from which emperors chose bureaucracy
Egyptian name for Nubia, where an indigenous kingdom arose in the second millennium BCE
third ruler of the Mauryan Empire who inscribed beliefs on stones and pillars
belief system in which the world is always changing and is devoid of absolute morality or meaning

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