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Hindu concept of the spirit’s “liberation” from the endless cycle of rebirth
term Greeks used to describe a person who seized and held power in violation of the normal procedures of the community
the first Mesoamerican civilization
era in which stability and prosperity was brought to Roman rule in the first two centuries CE
person believed to be the first emperor of China
period from 507 to 31 BCE, during which Rome was largely governed by the Senate
aristocratic leader in Athens who guided the state to full participatory democracy for all male citizens
Greek term for city-state
capital city of a kingdom in southern Nubia
“Great Vehicle” branch of Buddhism followed in China, Japan, Central Asia
Greek and Phoenician warship powered by 170 oars arranged in three vertical tiers
Chinese ideology in which the chief deity granted power to the ruler and could take away that power if ruler fails
governor of a province in the Achaemenid Persian Empire
Greek philosopher; student of Socrates; wrote The Republic
state that acquires prestige by developing cultural forms and staging public ceremonies
term used to characterize Roman government that was based on idea of “first citizen'
Early Indian sacred knowledge
“Way of the Elders” branch of Buddhism followed in Sri Lanka and much of Southeast Asia
king of Persia who led a vast army against Greece and won the battle of Thermopylae but was eventually defeated
Semitic-speaking Canaanites living on the coast of modern Lebanon and Syria; founded Carthage
ancient Indic language of India, in which the Hindu scriptures and classical Indian Epic poems are written
religion originating in ancient Iran centered on a single benevolent deity, Ahuramazda
group of aristocratic Romans who ruled the Empire
complex of palaces, reception halls and treasury buildings erected by Persian kings Darius I and Xerxes

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