Best Actor Nominees (2006-2009) by character name

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Can you name the nominees for the Best Actor Academy Awards from 2006-2009 based on the character name?

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YearActorCharacter Name
2006 (winner)Idi Amin
2006Danny Archer
2006Dan Dunne
2006Chris Gardner
2007 (winner)Daniel Plainview
2007Michael Clayton
2007Sweeney Todd
2007Hank Deerfield
2007Nikolai Luzhin
YearActorCharacter Name
2008 (winner)Harvey Milk
2008Walter Vale
2008Richard Nixon
2008Benjamin Button
2008Randy 'The Ram' Robinson
2009 (winner)Bad Blake
2009Ryan Bingham
2009George Falconer
2009Nelson Mandela
2009SFC William James

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