Best Actor Nominees (2000-2005) by character name

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Can you name the nominees for the Best Actor Academy Award in the years 2000-2005?

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YearActorCharacter Name
2000 (winner)Maximus Decimus Meridius
2000Reinaldo Arenas
2000Chuck Noland
2000Jackson Pollock
2000The Marquis De Sade
2001 (winner)Alonzo Harris
2001John Forbes Nash Jr
2001Sam Dawson
2001Muhammed Ali
2001Dr Matthew Fowler
2002 (winner)Władysław Szpilman
2002Charlie Kaufman/Donald Kaufman
2002William 'Bill The Butcher' Cutting
2002Thomas Fowler
2002Warren R. Schmidt
YearActorCharacter Name
2003 (winner)Jimmy Markum
2003Captain Jack Sparrow
2003Bob Harris
2004 (winner)Ray Charles
2004 Paul Rusesabagina
2004 J.M. Barrie
2004 Howard Hughes
2004 Frankie Dunn
2005 (winner)Truman Capote
2005 Djay
2005 Ennis Del Mar
2005 Johnny Cash
2005 Edward R. Morrow

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