Those who walked down Corrie's cobbles into the sunset.

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Can you name the Those who walked down Corrie's cobbles into the sunset.?

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Date of deathActorCharacter
1970 June, aged 68Jack Walker
1974 September, aged 48Blanche Hunt (I)
1975 October, aged 33Jerry Booth
1979 March, aged 31PC Wilcox
1979 September, aged 53Alan Howard
1982 March, aged 67Frankie Baldwin
1982 April, aged 66Leonard Swindley
1983 October, aged 48Bert Tilsley
1983 December, aged 85Ena Sharples
1984 March or April, aged 88Albert Tatlock
1984 August, aged 45Christine Hardman
1984 August, aged 69Stan Ogden
1985 June, aged 59Charlie Moffitt
1986 September, aged 62Elsie Tanner/Howard
1987 May, aged 0Sarah Louise Tilsley (I)
1988 January, aged 90Minnie Caldwell
1990 May, aged 82Harry Payne
1990 June, aged 80Sir Julius Berlin
1990 June, aged 76Martha Longhurst
1990 October, aged 67Alice Burgess/Edie Blundell
1991 March, aged 84Elsie Lappin
1991 May, aged 69Florrie Lindley
1991 December, aged 70GI Steve Tanner
1992 August, aged 75Chalkie Whiteley
1992 November, aged 72Les Clegg
1994 November, aged 95Annie Walker
1995 June, aged 79Ida Barlow
1997 January, aged 86Phyllis Pearce
Date of deathActorCharacter
1997 December, aged 71Harry Hewitt
1999 February, aged 67Alf Roberts
1999 June, aged 69Fred Gee
1999 July, aged 84Bill Gregory
1999 July, aged 85Charlie Dickenson
2000 April, aged 85Cyril Turpin
2000 May, aged 95Alice Pickens
2000 July, aged 86May Hardman
2001 February, aged 74Dave Smith
2002 January, aged 72Len Fairclough
2005 August, aged 67Arthur Dabner
2006 March, aged 75Ivy Tilsley/Brennan
2006 October, aged 61Lucille Hewitt
2008 December, aged 80Vera Hopkins
2009 July, aged 86Nellie Harvey
2009 December, aged 75Blanche Hunt (II)
2010 February, aged 84Arnold Swain
2010 October, aged 95Ernie Crabbe
2011 January, aged 82Ida Clough
2011 April, aged 65Anita Reynolds
2011 October, aged 91Betty Turpin/Williams
2012 February, aged 66Colin Lomax
2012 June, aged 65Doug Murray
2012 July, aged 68Eddie Yeats
2012 November, aged 71Jack Duckworth
2012 December, aged 93Esther Hayes
2013 January, aged 41Poppy Morales

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