Countries visited by Treasure Hunt (Channel 4 series)

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Can you name the Countries visited by Treasure Hunt (Channel 4 series)?

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Year first visitedCountryAdditional clues
1982Annie left an offering on her debut run
1983Treasure Hunt's most visited country
1983Annie witnessed tranquility
1984Annie investigated a death on the nile
1984Annie visited the home island of an Archduke
1984Annie visited a holy mushroom
1985Annie visited the tower of a harpist-king
Year first visitedCountryAdditional clues
1985Annie rang a bell to call time on this hunt
1985Annie saw Montezuma, St Mark's and a torii
1987A lot of winching during this hunt
1988Annie suffered a balletic interuption on this hunt
1988Just what were they hurling at Annie on this hunt?
1989Annie visited the home of a Chinese gooseberry bird

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