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Can you name the answers to these questions about Sherlock Holmes and The Sherlockian?

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Creator/author of Sherlock Holmes
Holmes' greatest nemesis, killed in The Final Problem
Group attending a convention in The Sherlockian
Sherlock Holmes' author's best friend, author of Dracula
What the main characters in The Sherlockian are searching for
The story in which Irene Adler, the woman, outsmarts Holmes
Where Holmes and Watson first meet
Religion featured prominently in A Study in Scarlet
Friend who introduced Watson to Holmes
Holmes' and Watson's address in London
Place where Holmes supposedly dies
British detective force which asks Holmes for help
# of Sherlock Holmesian organizations in SC
name of main character in the modern story in The Sherlockian
In the 1st chapter of The Sherlockian, someone is about to be killed (fiction). Who is it?
In the 2nd chapter of The Sherlockian, someone IS killed (real). What organization did this guy belong to?

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