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Can you name the big four sports team by the hints given?

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SportTeam NameHint
NFLClinton, Cosby
Andrew Carnegie, Lakshmi Mittal
NBAArmstrong, Hubbard
MLBOlsen, Weasley
MLBBear, Lion
NHLLavigne, Dion
NHLEmperor, Macaroni
Scar, Leo
Patrick, Andrew
MLBPontiac, Squanto
Oakley, Buffalo Bill
MLBMcGraw, Mickelson
MLBBoston, Los Angeles
NHLKatrina, Hugo
NFLBottlenose, Dusky
MLBCoors, Busch
NHLSouthwest, American
NHLTiger, Hammerhead
NBAMerlin, Trimegistus
Polar, Black
Erickson, Ingvar
NBAWhite-tailed, Tufted
MLBAndes, Grampians
NBAApollo, Luna 9
NFLGeronimo, Sitting Bull
SportTeam NameHint
MLBGoliath, Jolly Green
NFLClydesdale, Arabian
NHLSatan, Beelzebub
Atlas, Prometheus
NHLBlack, Pink
NBAChicken, Gold
Mahogany, Chocolate
MLBBlack Bart, Henry Morgan
Bush, Joplin
NBAMichigan, Huron
MLBGabriel, Michael
MLBWilliam, Harry
NHLTeal, Royal
NBABono, Brosnan
NHLShell, Sunoco
NHLPolaris, Octans
MLBRussian, Spaniard
NHLGeorge, Edward
MLBCrimson, Brick
NBABoiling, Luke Warm
NFLWhite-tailed, Bald
NHLKerry, McCain
NHLMoscow, Athens
NBALancelot, Gawain

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