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A number that when squared gives a negative result.
when you change the sign in the middle of two terms.
The X values in each ordered pair.
Where no x-coordinate is used more than once, and no x value is paired with more than one y coordinate.
A set of ordered pairs.
The property where if one quantity increases the other decreases.
A straight line going through the center of a circle connecting two points on the circumference.
A straight line connecting two points on a circle.
The Y values in each ordered pair.
A shape where all points are the same distance from the center.
When the function and the inverse are both functions.
An equation where the highest exponent of the variable is a square.
The type of number that combines a real and an imaginary number.
A trinomial that can be factored into two identical binomials.
the largest exponent of a variable in a quadratic equation.
Independant value
dependent value

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