Warhammer 40,000 Primarchs

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Can you name the W40K Primarchs and Space Marine Legions?

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Luna Wolves/Black Legion (TraitorCthonia
Blood Angels (Loyal)Baal
Ultramarines (Loyal)Macragge
White Scars (Loyal)Mundus Planus
Death Guard (Traitor)Barbarus
Alpha Legion (Traitor)Unknown
Dark Angels (Loyal)Caliban (Destroyed)
Thousand Sons (Traitor)Prospero
Space Wolves (Loyal)Fenris
World Eaters (Traitor)Unknown
Iron Warriors (Traitor)Olympia
Iron Hands (Loyal)Medusa
Word Bearers (Traitor)Colchis
Imperial Fists (Loyal)Terra
Night Lords (Traitor)Nostramo
Emperor's Children (Traitor)Chemos
Salamanders (Loyal)Nocturne
Raven Guard (Loyal)Deliverance

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