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What was the name of the sandwich Judith wanted?
What food chain restaurant does JD get fired from?
Judith made Darren get implants to his what?
Wayne and JD apologized to Judith for giving her a beer shower and what else?
What was the first name of the guy Wayne claimed to have killed?
What were the names of the guys that were going to take wayne and JD's place as Darren's friends?
What was the make of Judith's car that was driven off a cliff?
What does JD play in the lawn where Coach was poopig?
Where can't JD grow hair anymore?
What is the name of the guy's band?
What food chain does Judith want food from when she was kidnapped?
What was Sandy about to become before Wayne and JD stopped her?
What did JD supposedly kill?
Darren got shut down by a woman that was dating a what?
When Wayne captured Judith at the police station, what animal did he tell the cops he bagged?
What does the guy at the bar use to try and get Judith?
Where does Wayne shock Darren when he mentions Judith?
What does Coach use for toilet paper?
What event does Sandy's family work at?
What is JD doing that he says why he doesn't answer the door?
What did the Asian man injure when he fell down the stairs?
What is Judith's profession?
What is the nickname for the guy's high school?
What singer do the main characters idolize?

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