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What does it say in the Bible about not forgiving people?
What room number did Ernie McCracken stay in when at the big tournament?
What was put into Roy's gas tank that he had to get fixed?
What brand is Roy's bowling ball?
During the hustle that Roy lost his hand, what profession did his opponent pretend to be?
When Roy asks Herb 'how's life,' what is his answer?
What state is Roy's hometown located in?
Where does Roy pretend to be from when he is pretending to be Amish?
What is the name of the Amish girl Ishmael seems to like?
What is the name of Roy's hometown?
What split does Roy make on a double or nothing bet?
What is in Big Ern's bowling ball?
What year was Roy a state champion?
What does Ishmael and Roy use to distract the hillbillies while bowling?
Who does Roy get an endorsement deal from?
Roy loses his hand when the hustlers stick it in where?
What does Roy put in Ishmael's eyes at the diner?
Where does Roy move after losing his hand?
What ESPN anchor was doing Sportscenter highlights before it cut over to the tournament?
What MLB player plays the role of Skid-Mark?
What is the name of the girl that helps Roy and Ishmael get to Reno?
Where is the one million dollar tournament located?
At Prostetics R' Us, Roy found his rubber hand next to what?
When Ishmael runs away, where is he found?
What is Big Ern's foundation called for young single mothers?
What do Roy and Ishmael pretend to be while they're hustling?
Whats the name of the Amish people's biggest horse?
What song is playing during the final bowling match?
What score did Ishmael get when bowling against a club player?
How much money in arrears does Roy owe the PBA?

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