Highest Grossing Hitman/Assassin Movies

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Matt Damon$227,471,070
Brad Pitt$186,336,279
Matt Damon$176,241,941
James McAvoy$134,508,551
Matt Damon$121,661,683
John Travolta$107,928,762
Tom Hanks$104,454,762
Tom Cruise$101,005,703
Uma Thurman$70,099,045
Uma Thurman$66,208,183
Matthew Perry$57,262,492
Bruce Willis$54,930,280
Timothy Olyphant$39,687,694
Jeremy Piven$35,787,686
Samuel L. Jackson$33,447,612
Sylvester Stallone$30,303,072
Bridget Fonda$30,038,362
John Cusack$28,084,357
Jason Statham$27,838,408
Mark Wahlberg$27,007,143
Jack Nicholson$26,657,534
Renee Zellweger$25,170,054
Josh Hartnett$22,495,466
Jean Reno$19,501,238
Yun-Fat Chow$19,204,929
Matthew Perry$16,328,471
Sam Rockwell$16,007,718
Nicolas Cage$15,298,133
Charles Bronson$13,102,025
Pierce Brosnan$12,594,698
James Spader$11,132,210
Colin Farrell$7,800,824
Jack Lemmon$7,258,543
Chuck Norris$4,654,288
James Woods$4,278,150

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