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Forced Order
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This movie series was originally supposed to come out in theaters as one movie, but it was too long, so the directors decided to cut the film in half and make a 'two-parter'.2003
Throughout the film, several of the original music scores from Dawn of the Dead (1978) are played, such as during the Universal logo.2004
In the beginning of the film, we see on the television some serial killer that is being busted, played by Ben Stiller, the director of this movie.1996
The main character in this movie inspired a chain of fast food restaurants with his name.1971
One of the most popular songs from this film, which AFI named one of the greatest movie songs of all time, was nearly cut from the film.1939
The film was originally written with the intention that Jeff Daniels would play the lead role of Jack, while Ellen DeGeneres would play the other lead role, Annie.1994
The Jaws (1975) theme can be heard toward the end of the movie, a nod to the director's previous work.1977
At one point, the main character wears a vest originally made for Han Solo in the Star Wars trilogy.1984
This film has been described as 'Death of a Salesman' for the nineties. Early in the film, it is mentioned that 'the Lomans' just moved out of the house next door.1999
The rights to this film were originally bought back in the 1970's with Jack Nicholson cast in the lead role.2008
Tim Burton appears in the finale of this film. 1979
The film's America release was forestalled by the political climate following the Cuban Missile Crisis.1962
Pampers paid $50,000 for their brand of diapers to be used in this film. 1987
Many of the animals in this film orginally had dialogue, but it was dropped to be more realistic.1995
At the time of that year's Oscars, this documentary had outgrossed all Best Picture nominees.2005

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