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Manager for MenActor
Drunkest SnitActress
Superb Cent SingerSinger
Nosy PelicanPolitician
Slow CherrySinger
Wide ManholeComedian/TV Personality
Kiwi StingerComedienne/TV Personality
Seek Ebony ClownSinger
The Equine BlazeWorld Leader
Flaccid Apron ProofsDirector
Leg NuisancesActor
Bluish Rum HagPolitician
Anvil NickelDesigner
Ten Port BelchesTV Personality
A Preheated NinetyActress
Rain Raft SankSinger/Actor
Peg Then SkinAuthor
A Hangman With SortFirst Lady
A Gem Handball RelaxerInventor
I Jigged A MooAthlete
A Jar of ConWar Hero
Rawest JetsamActor
A Pope Born NeonatalMilitary Leader
Chamomile BaleFirst Lady
Wireless AnimalAthlete

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