Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tide

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Jack wants to find the...it gives you years
Jack accidently kills...another famous pirate
The name of Jack's ship is called the...It was one of the many ships that Black Beard kept in a bottle
The actor who plays Jack Sparrow is...also starred in 'Alice in wonderland'
In order to perform the ritual, they need a mermaid's...Mermaid's are tough, and this is a diffucult item to obtain
Black beard carves the ___ into Jack's chestHe uses the voodoo doll to do this
The brown-haired mermaid has a name. It is...The religious man saves her many times
The blonde mermaid sings a song called...Four Words
Black Beard's daughter is...First name only
Black Beard's ship is named...Three words
The Spanish destroy the fountain because only god can grant...Two words

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