Impossible StarWars Clone Troopers and Types of Clone Troopers

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infonames/typesadditional info
Commander of Torrent CompanyProbably best clone out there
Five members of Domino SquadOnly one survives
Commander of 7th Sky CorpsWears orange armor, Fights of Utapau
Commander of 327th Star CorpsWears yellow armor, Fights on Felucia
Commander of 21st Nova CorpsServes on Mygeeto
Commander of 91st Reconnaissance CorpsServes on Saleucami
Serves on Mygeeto (type of trooper)
One of most elite groups (type of trooper)Primarily blue armor
Member of Ghost CompanyDies on Umbara
Member of Ghost CompanyHas a moustache
Sacrifices himself on UmbaraHas agressive attitude
Member of Coruscant Guard
Serves Mace Windu
Carried out reconnaissance (type of trooper)Unique helmet design
Dies on KaminoKilled by Ventress
infonames/typesadditional info
Only surviving ARC trooper while defending Kamino
Serves under YodaCamo green armor
Helps Jar Jar Binks
Killed by Cad Bane
Serves on Kashyyyk (type of trooper)Don't think too hard
Dives from planes (type of trooper)Serves on Utapau
Rescues Anakin from Lava (type of trooper)
Takes on army of droids
Damaged eyeNamed after animal
3 Clones on RugosaFought with Yoda
Deformed Clone
Deemed traitor
Served Eeth Koth
Died attacking Malevolence Drove Y-Wing
Kills Pong Krell

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