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[Song title], but why?Napalm Death
Help - he's my brother, but I love her/I can't keep away from her touch/Deception, dishonorDream Theater
There's a feeling that/I get from nothing else and there ain't nothin' in the world that makes me goTwisted Sister
Knives? Check./Rope? Check./Dagger? Check./Chains? Check.Dethklok
The sweet relief is a mustBetween The Buried And Me
No escape, binding spirits/No escape, trapped in time and spaceMastodon
Every night the dreams return to haunt me/Your rosary wrapped around your throatQueensryche
And the road becomes my brideMetallica
Devious movements in your eyes/Moved me from reliefOpeth
Yet you feed us lies from the tableclothSystem Of A Down
Somebody cries from a cell 'God be with you'Iron Maiden
Awaiting the hour of reprisal/Your time slips awaySlayer
So far away we wait for the day/For the lives all so wasted and goneDragonforce
Mental wounds still screaming/Driving me insaneOzzy Osbourne
He was turned to steel/In the great magnetic fieldBlack Sabbath
Why do you like playing around with/My narrow scope of realityDisturbed
Ride the tiger/You can see his stripes but you know he's cleanDio
Dream over/Grieve no more/And breathe one last timeMachine Head
Tequila in his heartbeat, his veins burned gasoline/It kept his motor running but it never kept him cleanSkid Row
For it was my dream/To create a perfect world/From this cold imperfect worldGreen Carnation

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