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Original. A reference to Bond's 'legal' proof entitling him to do his job, which is revoked in the movie
From the novel. A line from a haiku created by Bond
From the novel. One of two things that is eternal, the other being death
From the novel. Bond, from the point of view of the main character
From the novel. The name of the villain
Original. The Bond family motto (First mentioned in a novel over 35 years earlier)
From the novel. The name of the villain's missile plan
Original. The location where Ian Fleming wrote the Bond novels, or two satellites in the movie
From the novel. The location where the card game takes place
Original. A line from a A. E. Housman poem, or a line from Bond referencing the villain's supposed expiration
From the novel. Bond's attitude towards how he handles cases
From the novel. The codename of Bond's mission
Original. Possibly a general statement on the eternity of the future, or a reference the the villain's newspaper
From the novel. A reference to the correspondence between the female protagonist to Bond
From the short story. The last remaining element in a relationship before the split
From the short story. The villain/main character's aquatic pet
From the novel. A nickname of the villain referencing his unique weapon
From the short story. A reference to the secret nature of Bond's mission
From the novel. Bond's employers
Original. Unknown origin, possibly a reference to Chicken Little
From the short story. Bond scared this out of villain
From the novel. The name of the villain with a reference to his degree
Altered from the short story. A line from a hunting song

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