Pocket Tanks Basic Attacks

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Can you name the Pocket Tanks Basic Attacks?

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Fires one shot
Fires a large shot
Fires multiple shots
Fires even more shots
Fires then hits the same spot 5 times
Finds by temperature
Wrestling move
Digs you out
Insane Russian
Explodes in a arachnid like formation
Deadly at long range
The most annoying
Dirty triangle
Nothing smells quite like it in the morning
A severe ice storm
Decides whether we have 6 more weeks of winter
Often found in apples
Oftren found in homing apples
Person who cuts in line
Multiple explosions
A fruit
Popular on the 4th of July
Housing rocket
Dirty cirlce
Common Machine gun
Destroys all
Bounces into 5 more shots
On fire
Not a real type of circus
Easily the star of the game
Goes through any substance

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