ECOLOGY Ch6: Water Relations

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capacity of water to do work, which is determined by its free energy content
analysis of relative concentrations of stable isotopes such as carbon-13 and carbon-12 in materials; used in ecology to study flow of energy and materials through ecosystems
Transport of material due to random movements of particles; net movement is from areas of high concentration to low concentration
resulting from water's tendency to adhere to the walls of containers like cell walls
atmospheric pressure exerted by the water vapor in the air; increases as the water vapor in the air increases.
released during oxidation of organic molecules
Pressure exerted by the water vapor in air that is saturated with water vapor
regulation of internal salt concentration and water using a variety of anatomical structures and physiological processes; energy consuming process
difference between actual water vapor pressure and the saturation water vapor pressure at a particular temperature
Measure of the water content of air relative to its content at saturation
diffusion of water down its concentration gradient

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