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The process of using both informal and formal assessments to provide students with feedback about learning progress
A teacher's awareness of what's going on in all parts of the classroom at all times and communicating this awareness to students
Assessment instruments given to large samples of students under uniform conditions and scored and reported according to uniform procedures
A teacher's investment in the protection and development of the young people in his or her classes
A classroom technology that allows teachers to assess students' understanding of content during lessons
A scoring scale that describes criteria for grading
The practice of calling on all students--both volunteers and nonvolunteers--as equally as possible
Guidelines that provide standards for acceptable classroom behavior
statements that specify what students should know or be able to do with respect to a topic or course of study
The tendency of people to imitate others' behaviors and attitudes
A classroom phenomenon in which student efforts rise or fall to match teacher expectations
The consistency of assessment results
The extent to which assessment results are interpreted and used appropriately
The amount left for teaching after teachers have completed routine management and administrative tasks
The amount of time a teacher designates for a particular content area or topic
Providing additional questions and cues when students fail to answer correctly
The period of silence after a question is asked and after a student is called on to answer
The process of assessing after instruction and using the results for making grading decisions
The amount of time students are both engaged and successful
A classroom environment in which the teacher and the students work together to help everyone learn
An environment in which learners feel physically and emotionally safe, personally connected to both their teacher and their peers, and worthy of love and respect
The match between learning objectives, learning activities, and assessments
A set of instructional strategies used to help learners meet specific learning and social interaction objectives in structured groups
The time students spend actively involved in learning activities (time on task)
An instructional strategy designed to teach concepts and other abstractions by presenting students with data and assisting them in finding patterns through teacher questioning
Comprehensive actions teacher take to create an environment that supports and facilitates both academic and social-emotional learning
A teacher's ability to attend to two issues simultaneously
Standardized assessments that states and districts use to determine whether students will advance from one grade to another, graduate from high school, or have access to specific f
The process of removing a student from the class and physically isolating him or her in an area away from claassmates
The process of selecting collections of student work that both students and teachers evaluate using preset criteria
The process teachers use to gather information and make decisions about students' learning and development

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